Tricia Tyler

unnamedTricia is a proud member of both RWA and KOD. As a native of Arizona, she had planned to marry a cowboy and settle down on a ranch. Instead she fell in love with an Italian from Brooklyn, NY and found herself transplanted to freezing New England. Her life has never been the same. She’s a dreamer, an admitted coffee addict, and an aspiring action adventurer-aspiring being the key word. Tricia penned her first romance at the tender age of eleven, but it wasn’t until many years later that she decided to chase her dreams of writing. When she’s not writing or trying to corral a very large family, she can be found longing for warm sunny days and a touch of the west.


2 Responses to Tricia Tyler

  1. Elsie Davis says:

    RWA great dream and I’ll be in NYC this year living it! Kayaking- love it , own it, not much time however! Parasailing parachuting..not on your life! Balloon ride – definitely. Incredible one time experience! I am all about stepping outside the comfort zone or trying to anyway! It’s not a very far trip for me! Swim with the manatees in Florida! I finally got the nerve to swim with the dolphins but manatees? They are in waters where alligators could be…and they are really, really big. Working on it but I may stay in my kayak safe and sound!


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Hey Elsie,
      Wow sounds like you doing a,great job of living your life to the fullest. Good for you!
      I actually have pinned on my pinterest board places I want to go, a place where you can kayak with manatees. So gonna do that. They are supposed to be gentle giants. NY is gonna be great!


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