Know When To Run

We are always on the run.  Whether running TO or running FROM, we are always in motion without much thought.

Knowing which direction to run is the trick.


The hectic pace that is our lives can cloud our vision of what’s important and it’s important to adjust accordingly.  And, it’s also imperative that you get out of your own way.

Figuring out what to do and when to do it can be tough.  Even then it’s easy to get caught up. For example, ever find yourself with a daily task that should only take a minute, but end up overtaking a day?  Or, how about the crazy maker(s) in your life who deliver non-stop drama every where they go?

We all do.  You choose how you spend your energy.  Just like your bank account, you have only so much cash.   You have only so much energy.  Spend your energy on what matters most to you.  Then, what’s left can be spent on all that other “stuff.”

Choose wisely.  Make yourself the priority and run toward your dreams and goals.  Just like our Throwdown Challenges elsewhere on this blog site – I challenge you.  Run away from the garbage that stands between you and what you want!


About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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