Getting the hell out of your own way!

This isn’t the first blog and I doubt it will be the last one on this topic, but somethings are worth repeating.


I would hazard a guess that some people don’t even realize they are their own worst enemy. Life can be hard. Chasing a dream can be hard. What makes it harder is when we sabotage ourselves. It doesn’t matter what it is…Could be anything, a new job, a new relationship, a new you. Whatever that IT thing is, it deserves your best efforts.

Just how would you be sabotaging yourself? You might be asking yourself that very question right now. Let me assure you there are so many ways of doing this that I could not begin to list them all. But here are just a few…

  1. Procrastinating – If you find yourself spending more time talking and dreaming about it then actually doing it, this might be SABOTAGE.
  2. Excuses – If you find yourself doing a multitude of other things rather than the thing that helps propel you towards your goal or dream, this could be SABOTAGE.
  3. Waiting for the perfect moment – If you find yourself waiting for the perfect moment to charge ahead on whatever that is just beyond your reach, there is the possibility this is SABOTAGE.

Now, for the heavy part. Why do we do this to ourselves? Again the list is endless. But here are several that pop to mind.

  1. Maybe insecurity is holding you back?
  2. Fear of failure. Fear of success? Both of these can be equally frightening depending upon the person.
  3. Fear of change. Ironically, there are hundreds of people out there who dream about what they want to achieve, but the fear of the changes that could make to their lives could be overwhelming.

There are hundreds of reasons and ways we hold ourselves back. These are just a few. Look inside yourself. Do you know why you aren’t actively chasing your dreams?

Ok, so I can’t just throw this out there and not try to at least give you a few solutions, right? Not that I have all the answers, believe you me! But you might try one of these.

  1. Come up with a game plan, one with steps and smaller goals to be reached along the way. Reward yourself when you achieve the smaller goals.
  2. Find a support group that focuses on something to do with your dream. It can be a class, an online group, or one that is more formal. Whatever it is, I’m sure there is something out there you can get involved with. For me it was Romance Writers of America, and then joining a small group of writers call the Mag 7 (Magnificent 7) yes that is what we call ourselves!
  3. Every day, big or small, do one thing to further your goals!


I’m sure y’all have some ideas on this as well. Would love to hear some! But I will leave you with this last thing. You only have one life! Do you want to live it to the fullest, or hide away in fear? Push past the excuses. Move beyond the fear. And go for it, because no one can live your life but you!






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