Time to put some sass in our step…

Sorry for the absence but we’re back with a new look and a new attitude! We’ve busted out of our comfort zones and put on our Sassy boots and we both have our eye on these babies!

Sassy boots

Way cute huh?

 Of course we’ll still be posting on busting out of our comfort zones because boy do we have some of those coming up in the next year, but Lora and I have decided to broaden our posts to include other things as well, so stay tuned. (Hint-maybe an exciting bit of news!) I think we made mention in our very first blog post that we both have a bit of ADD… or maybe more than a bit depending on the day.

Anyway we were both looking for a picture to add to this post and of course we couldn’t make up our minds. In the end, I found one for Lora and she found one for me. I am pretty sure we have the other’s personality pegged here.                                    

This is mine. Lora knows me so well!

Lora's ADDTricia's ADD

 This is Lora for sure!


This was just a short little post to let you know we’re back. Though I can’t leave without reminding you to follow your dreams, hopefully at a run! But a steady walk will do the job. Just don’t let insecurity or anything stand in your way!


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