Detours and (re)Construction

We live where the winters are hard and the snow piles high. Seasons are great when there are more than two.  Who doesn’t love spring, fall and a bit of summer fun?  But, we seem to only get Winter and Construction season.


Construction season started pretty early this year for us. Unexpected. Unplanned. Unwelcome.

More than our fair share of detours and closed roads have kept us off schedule. Then once we were able to come back, we decided we needed a remake. Unfortunately, we weren’t well equipped or prepared to maintain Blog Traffic during the redesign and rebuild. So, we kind of just disappeared. Our bad. 😦

In these last few weeks, we’ve rededicated ourselves to our basic mission: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST


Gotta love Hemingway, the man knew what it was all about.

We will be back very soon with more features, more focus and lots more adventures to share. We hope you’ll stay tuned. See you soon!

Lora Bailey & Tricia Tyler


About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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