Going to the source.

In a blog post I did a couple weeks ago-Romancing the Research, I told y’all that I was going to find ways to make my research more interesting, and encouraged you to do the same. Part of my research involved psychic gifts for the series I am working on and I also promised I would be back to report on my experience. Yes, I’m a little late in doing so, but ironically enough I had to do some research beforehand.

So let me just start by saying that meeting a psychic in person was way more fun than trolling through the internet and it believe it was a lot more helpful as well.


I am not going to share all the details, but I got more than just questions answered. I got a psychic reading too. Yikes! She was so accurate and while it was a wee bit uncomfortable, it was well worth it. The first thing she did was draw a picture with an ostrich burying its head in the sand connected to the day job. So very accurate…WOW! Actually she had a lot to say about my day job and I knew she was hitting the nail on the head, but in the end I had to stop her. Bad enough I have to keep the job for now, I did not need any more reinforcement about stuff I already knew. She had quite a lot to say about other things as well, including my writing career. That I will keep to myself however as I don’t want to jinx it.

As far as the research end of it, I really did gain a better understanding then I would have reading and doing the general research; both of which I have already done. This was way more intriguing and gave me some really fantastic ideas to implement in my next book.

I can’t recommend enough doing hands on research. Not only will you gain knowledge, but you will likely inspire new ideas. And if that isn’t enough, I am pretty sure it’s tax deductible! So if you’ve tried it I’d love to hear about your experience. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?




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