When opportunity knocks

If you’re a writer and opportunity knocked at your door, would you answer it?

I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking…well that’s a stupid question. “Of course I would!”

But let me tell you that is not always the case. You can dream about it. You can spend hours dreaming up a plot and maybe even write it. But when push comes to shove, you have to ask yourself just how bad do I want this? Do I want it bad enough to get past the fear and answer the door when opportunity is knocking or even banging on the door? If your answer is still a resounding YES! Read on…

This is for the newbie romance author who has not heard of the call out, or wish lists yet. I was well into it before I learned about these. What is a call out or wish list? Well let me tell you it can be a wonderful tool to use on those rare instances when you find one available. Call outs, are when a publishing company puts out a call for a certain type of book, maybe even one like the one you are currently working on! A wish list is very similar. It is when an editor puts out a list of story types he/she would love to see land on their desk. These can sometimes be found on the publisher’s websites, or you can take to twitter or Facebook and follow your favs.

In any case, I have a couple for you today that will hopefully peak your interest.

Harlequin has put out a call for psychological suspense. It is only 1-3 chapters to give them a sample of your voice, but if you’re interested open that door quickly because the deadline is March 14th.


Or if Harlequin Desire is more your pace, there is a call out for proposals right now for that line until March 31st with guaranteed feedback by April 30th. Can’t get any sweeter then that!


Entangled publishing has also put out a call for Holiday stories and has recently put up a wish list from their editors. There is a good variety of lines and themes listed by various editors. So why not jump on over and check it out and see if the story you are writing is on someone’s wish list?



So…Are any of you going to open the door? Opportunity’s knocking!

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4 Responses to When opportunity knocks

  1. I am not a professional writer, but this post resonates with me. Thank you!

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    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am so happy to hear this resonated with you, I know it did with me when the idea came to me. Opportunity knocking can be at any door in your life. Whether it be professional or personal, we just have to choose to open the door.

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  2. Tricia Tyler says:

    Thanks. Love the call outs and wish lists! I hope you check them out ; )


  3. Lora Bailey says:

    Do you want it bad enough? Great question! Great tools for Tuesday, answering a call out.

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