Make or Break Moments

Everyone has them… Make it or break it moments…Sink or Swim…Whatever you want to call it, I know Y’all know what I’m talking about. This actually ties in nicely with Lora’s last blog post ‘Letter to Yourself’.

We talk a lot about breaking out of your comfort zone and reaching for your goals on this blog, and needless to say it is easy to be positive when you are only giving mouth service to achieving your goals. It is so much harder to put words into actions. You can talk about, dream about it, but can when push comes to shove, do you have what it takes to put the work in and make the hard choice?

Make it or break it post

As Y’all know, I was so excited this past summer when I received a full request at the National Romance Writer’s convention. I thought I was ready and hope seemed right around the corner. But as I revised my manuscript the doubts set in. I had learned so much at that conference and the realization set in about how much more work the story needed to turn it into what I wanted it to be. Funny how the same conference that gave me hope, gave me doubts as well.

So these past months in between helping with my son’s wedding, managing the chaos of the holidays, and extremely long hours on the day job, I put in the work to follow my dreams and I FINALLY finished. It was ready to be sent.

And that’s when it happened…

There comes a time you either find the courage to jump in or walk away and quit torturing yourself. I had a moment like that this past week. Some people have a hard time putting the work in to achieve their goals, and some let fear get in the way of taking the steps to achieve them in the end. I had put the work in, but now it was time to hit the send button and I couldn’t do it, one-because I was terrified and two-because it had taken so darn long to get to that point. I read Lora’s blog post ‘Letter to Yourself’ at least 3 times. She made such a good point and the insanity quote really got me. Did it get to you?

So in the end, I didn’t choose to sink. I choose to swim with a little help from a friend who pushed me until I hit send. Thank you so much Elsie Davis! Was I sick to my stomach? You bet! Am I sorry? No way! The only way to not be standing still is to move forward and I am so happy I jumped out of my comfort zone to put words into actions. Next step…dusting off my treadmill that has sorely been neglected in an effort to reach this goal.

How about you? Are you going to sink or swim?


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