Be Sure to Enjoy the Ride!

It’s real easy to get caught up in the journey toward the goal, whatever that goal may be.

If you’ve been following OOCZ for a while, you know we’re all about tackling those big life goals.  We track our progress regularly:  how many words written, how many miles ran, how many minutes spent on whatever that brings us closer to the prize.

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As we get caught up in the journey, our focus can sometimes narrow.  We can lose the joy in the process and get tired of the work needed to get where we want to go.  It’s easy then, to give in or give up.  It is important to keep perspective and maintain balance as much as possible.  Be sure that your goals are adding value, not sucking the life out of you.

Sometimes the goal we set out to achieve turns out to not be the goal we want in the end. Sometimes, we find something better or more meaningful along the way and we change course.  And, other times life events force adjustments.

Still, that original goal is still ‘out there’ and can sometimes come back and raise some questions.  Maybe it wasn’t time, then, to pursue that particular goal – but it is now.   Was it really ‘something better’ that had us changing course?  Was that ‘more meaningful’ goal all we hoped it would be?  Or is there something still out there?


There is always going to be that ‘something else’ out there we want to have, do or achieve that is often just out of reach.  Growth takes time and effort.  It is important to keep checking in with ourselves and be certain that our focus is clear and that we are enjoying this journey.

Today’s Thursday Throwdown: take a few minutes to check in with yourself and follow these three simple steps:

  1. Revisit your end goals:  If you set some New Year’s Resolutions last month, were they realistic?  If you are working toward for a road race, are you working the best training plan for you?   Be sure that the end goals make sense for you, not your sister, best friend, etc.
  2. Celebrate your successes:   Congratulate yourself on the wins, even the smallest ones.  If keeping the house neat is the end goal, reward yourself for the days the beds are made and the kitchen sink is shiny.  Focus on the wins and there will be more of them!
  3. Adjust where needed:  A tactic isn’t working?  Can’t seem to get out of bed an hour early to work out, or it’s impossible to do that after dinner and police the kids and their homework?  Revise the schedule and make it more fun and doable for everyone affected.

We’d love to hear from our followers on how things are going.  Are you on track?  Are you enjoying the ride?





About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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