Change it UP!

It’s time to change things UP at OOOCZ.  While we’re making great progress towards our big goals, some things are getting a little stagnant.

We’re going to keep the Tuesday Tools and Thursday Throwdowns, just every other week instead of weekly.  On the off weeks, we’re going to focus on some other aspect of life that supports, inspires, encourages or challenges our quest to bust out of comfort zones.

This week, let’s tackle the idea of change.  changes

I hate change.  In any form.  New job/boss, moving, TV lineup, seasons, whatever.  You name it, if it changes I get anxious.

Today was a BIG change for me.  My childhood piano left to find a new life.  After 40+ years of service, many of those years where it sat quietly against a wall, it is no longer under my roof.  I honestly don’t want it anymore.  I don’t play it much.  Still, it was hard to watch it be loaded onto a truck and know that I’ll never hear its voice again or feel the smooth ivory under my fingertips.  Knowing I’ll play more on the digital is small consolation.

Sad as it is, this change is necessary.  Sometimes you have to let something go in order to gain something else.  There just isn’t room in my house for a large piano that is rarely played.  It will find a new life giving musical joy to others.  And, I will find my new road to making music.

Change can be a liberation, not a loss.





About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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