Progress Means Work, but with Reward

We’re still celebrating Tricia’s big boost of reaching “the end” last week.  Well, I am anyway. Yay Tricia!   Meanwhile, my blog partner is hard at work on the next phase of the process – revisions.  She’s got hours of work ahead of her, but it’s more a labor of love for her and she’s fueled by last week’s accomplishment.

Every big goal has points along the way where you get to stop for a bit and celebrate a hard won victory.  Soon, you are back at it, off to conquer the next step on the journey.  So, while Tricia toils away on revisions, I’m working on my Maggie entry, or am I?

I have two that I want to enter – one is a lighthearted romantic comedy and the other is a gritty western historical romance.  If that isn’t diverse enough, I have a couple other novels started and/or outlined with paranormal elements.  My dilemma is not knowing which to write first.  I struggle with what sub-genre of romance fits me best.  Or, is it romance at all?  I keep finding myself more drawn to broader plot lines of Women’s Fiction that may not include a romantic Happily Ever After.

It’s a piece of my puzzle that I haven’t figured out yet.


So, what do I do?  I push forward.  This weekend, I’m working at learning Scrivener and inputting my notes, sketches and scene drafts into the program.  Each project now has its own file.  Into these files will go my efforts on the “Don’t Break the Chain” Throwdown Challenge.

With some consistent hard work, I expect to see progress.  Just like my weight loss and marathon goal quests.  😉  I expect to find out what genre fits best and get that ready in time for the Maggie’s.

“Movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage” is one definition of the word “progress.”  It fits.  That’s the point of this year for Tricia and I, progress toward our biggest dream of being published.

For those of you snowed in this weekend, I hope that’s what you’re doing – making some progress toward your big goal, whatever it may be.




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1 Response to Progress Means Work, but with Reward

  1. Tricia Tyler says:

    Great post Lora. I honestly believe sometimes you have to just keep writing in order to know where you are going and where you fit. You’ve got this!

    I am almost done with chapter six wahoo! I am down to smaller edits so hoping this process won’t take long! No snow here, but it is freezing and our pellet stove caught on fire a couple hours ago. I’m sitting at the kitchen bar with a winter coat on editing. Ridiculous!


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