Relishing sweet victory…literally!

Yes, this work-in-progress post is running a wee bit late. However, it could be argued that the weekend is not over yet, right?

Anyway I have a great reason for being behind this weekend and it involves my current WIP. I have been working long hours trying to get to the finish line on this one and I FINALLY reached the end, yahoo, yay, and all that jazz! I am psyched and wanted to share my news. While I have a few clean ups to do on the manuscript Dark Water, I am thrilled to have reached this point. I thought I would be done a few months ago, but a couple of scene changes on the original meant just about rewriting the whole thing. This is not my first book, but I can say without a doubt it has been the toughest to write.

As you know if you have been reading some of my posts, this book is based in Louisiana and in one of the scenes my Heroine Evangeline is eating beignets. So today I decided to combine a little research and celebrate reaching the end with making a batch of beignets. Honest, it really is research! How am I supposed to polish that scene with the right descriptive words if I haven’t ever tasted one? Lucky for me, my Hubs has a sweet tooth, since really, I am supposed to be dieting and I don’t need them sitting there being all tempting.

The recipe is Paula Dean’s French Quarter Beignets’, and today I am sharing the link for the recipe and a picture of my attempts.

Seriously, if you could smell these things your mouth would be watering. It’s been said these are ‘Slap your mama good!’ True Statement! Light fluffy little pillows of sugary sweetness.

blog post beignet

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2 Responses to Relishing sweet victory…literally!

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    Nice! Congrats again on the sweetness of reaching “the end” and those beignets look like heaven! It’s paczki season here, and I can just imagine how good your beignets are. Savor on my friend. Victory is sweet.


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Thank you so much! I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t writing a Scottish historical and had to do research on haggis LOL


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