Breaking up is hard to do!

Ha, sucked you in with that title right? I’m actually talking about journals. I have loads of them. Notebooks, journals, whatever you want to call them,  and I never feel guilty about buying them because well, I’m a writer. I buy at least one every time I go to Barnes and Noble and trust me it is my favorite store. But I’m not a snob, I find cute little ones at Walmart, Target, and any other place I might go that I can lay my hands on one. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted!

Well this addiction has made me increasingly disorganized in my writing. The information is not at my fingertips because it’s in a notebook. Why? Because whatever I’m looking for is in one of a variety of notebooks and I can never remember which one I wrote that particular piece of information in. So, I have been trying to break it off with these little timewasters.

Now, I am sure there are those writers out there who swear by them and are nice and organized with their journals. I just don’t happen to be one of them, and I have no doubt, there are a few out there like me, who maybe suffer from ADD, like me. And it is for those writers toolbox, this tool is for.

Index cards! Here me out. I know you’ve heard about plotting on index cards and using them for your plotting board. But trust me… these are life preservers for the disorganized writer and so much cheaper than any journal you could buy.

I doubt there is a writer out there who doesn’t get a minimum of two plot ideas for other books while  working on their current WIP. I get them a lot while driving. I have written ideas down on everything from the backs of receipts I’ve dug out of my purse to napkins found in the glove compartment.  But notecards are much more convenient. I found this really great thing called Myndolgy Luna disc bound index cards that could easily fit into any size pure, and it can be found on Writer’s BLOC. blog post breaking up 1

blog post BU-2Or these cute little ones would be great to color code scenes. They can be found at


You can organize by using a different color for each book simmering in your head, or for different scene types, or whatever you choose. But the great thing is, you just pop them into the index box when you get home, easy-peasy, and it will be at your fingertips and not lost in a notebook or scrap of paper at the bottom of your purse.

One suggestion I’d make is get an index box with dividers. That way you can divide by scene if you have several ideas for one book, or divide the ideas for various books. Honestly, they take up such a small space and it really does put everything at your fingertips.

One more final tidbit, if you use scrivener or ever plan too, it makes starting that next book a dream. Pull out the notecards and add to the notecards in scrivener and within minutes your outline is in there, hopefully with scene ideas and whatever else you have and you can start work on that next project immediately.


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1 Response to Breaking up is hard to do!

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    Note organization is hard stuff. It is so personal and yet basic, it seems like this would be a ‘no-brainer’. Yet I still can’t seem to figure out what works best for me. The note cards just might be the thing. Thanks!


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