Making life Interesting.

blog post challengeChallenging yourself is what keeps life interesting. Think about it, if you had everything you could ever want or need, and had nothing to strive for, life would lose its meaning after too long.

Admittedly, everyone and their brother has at one point or another dreamed of winning the lottery. I hear this week it is up to an astronomical level. If you ask yourself what you would do with all that money, I imagine there are some standard answers, ie: travel, pay off the mortgage or maybe buy your dream house, help out those you love… But then what? Money won’t bring happiness or contentment, or help us grow. Though I’m sure we would all like to give it a try and see.

Challenges, goals, dreams, whatever you choose to call what you reach for is what keeps us going, keeps us from stagnating in place. Yes, we love our faith, our families, and some have a job they love, but everyone desires to excel at something.

The challenge is to take a step, even a baby one towards reaching whatever that pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow for you as an individual. Because in the end, it isn’t so much about reaching the goal, it’s about challenging ourselves to get there. It’s about the journey and enjoying every step along the way. Think about it. We have New Year’s resolutions, weight loss challenges, marathons, the list is endless. But just about every challenge out there takes more than a day, more than a week, generally much longer.

Sometimes we are given an unexpected challenge in life and are forced to except it without choice. Sometimes we get to choose our challenge. But if you open your heart and your eyes, you will learn and become hopefully a better person for each one you meet, so don’t be afraid to set some for yourself. Isn’t the reason we’re all here to learn and grow?

I would love to hear some of the challenges you’ve set for yourself, or maybe challenges you’ve already succeeded with. Maybe think about sharing those and inspiring someone else in the process.



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2 Responses to Making life Interesting.

  1. Lora Bailey says:

    In Corporate America, we sometimes call these “stretch goals.” The goal that is, or appears to be, just beyond reasonable reach. It’s something that you have to put in more than your regular effort to attain. For me, my big challenge this year is to get my writing “out there” and read professionally. I’ve been writing for decades and I’ve published non-fiction. My greatest challenge is to push closer to publishing my fiction. That’s my “stretch goal” for 2016. 😉


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      That’s a great stretch goal and I have no doubt you can do it! have never heard that phrase before so it’s something new for me. I have a few stretch goals and probably one or two that might require…well do you remember the toy stretch man from years ago? I think they made one in the form of the incredible hulk as well. pretty sure I might need to turn into one of those to reach a couple of them. But I am going to try darn hard!


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