Forward Movement

We plan.  We schedule.  We organize.

We execute our plan.

Then, stuff happens.

Doesn’t matter if it’s good stuff or bad stuff.  The result is the same.  The plans fall through.

life happensWe  regroup.  We reorganize and reschedule.  We begin again.  And, if we’re lucky, we can pick up where we left off and move forward.

The point is to be always moving forward!

The topic of today’s Toolbox Tuesday discussion is what tips, tricks and tools work best to keep things moving forward.

I’m a planner.  This is something about me that drives my husband absolutely nuts.  For example, I start packing for vacation about a week ahead.  I know where everything is and I rarely forget something. He is the opposite.  His packing starts about an hour before we leave, with the inevitable quest for items not seen in 3 years.

So as most planners, I have lists and charts for things to do, boxes and zones for things I need.  It’s a great feeling to cross things off the list when they’re done.  It’s also quite stressful to reset the calendar for things left undone.

Even when the schedule has to shift, my plan keeps me moving forward.  I stay productive and reasonably sane even when distractions hit.  Still, I sometimes envy the freedoms of those not cursed with the need to plan. I wish I could lounge carefree and leave the dirty dishes in the sink.

As a New Year begins and we renew our quests for our CZ Busts, it’s important to remember to keep moving forward, no matter what falls off schedule or what new opportunities come available.  As long as we continue moving forward, we are making progress!







About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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