Kicking butt on your WIP’s in 2016!

It’s a New Year. If you’re anything like me, the year flew by and before you knew it 2016 had arrived. Lora and I started this blog as a way to step out of our comfort zone, which I can tell you, is not necessarily as easy as it sounds.

blog post weekend

We thought adding a new post weekend post about any work-in-progress we have going on might help to motivate us and maybe you as well. It might be anything from our current writing work-in-progress to something we are remodeling in our homes. Whatever it is, every weekend is sure to be a surprise. Because if you haven’t guessed by our posts before now, we both suffer from ADD LOL.

Today is about my writing WIP:

The act of put words on a page is in and of itself stepping out of your comfort zone. Some writers are lucky enough to find comfort in putting themselves on the page. For others they have to be pushed and prodded along the way. Honestly, I am probably a bit of both. Writing the fun, loving moments is great fun for me, but every book needs conflict right? Well, I have to admit, in life and in writing I tend to run the other way. It’s kind of funny when you think about the fact that I write Romantic Suspense which has a ton of conflict in those books.

This year I am stepping out and ramping up the conflict in my current WIP. No, not my life…. Well hopefully anyway.

My current WIP is placed in a small town along the banks of Bayou Teche and I find myself loving the research I’ve had to do for it. I have never been there, but it has made the top of my list of things to do in the next two years. Lucky for me this is a series I am working on and can use the excuse of research to make the trip. Because when I write I really enjoy surrounding myself with things from my story that inspire me. I can’t tell you how many Cajun dishes I’ve made while writing this one. I just wish I had taken pictures to share with y’all. My next attempt is beignets’ and I will be sure to take pictures of those. Yum! And if any of you follow me on Facebook you know I have a pretty serious addiction to coffee so I might have to learn to make some café au lait to go with the beignets’.

What new WIP do you plan to accomplish this year, or have maybe already started? We would love to hear about them. Let’s rock out 2016 and make it a bang up year!


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