Toolbox Tuesday – Jumping into Contests

Have you ever entered a writing contest or thought about it? Well, if you haven’t, you should give it a try. This is a great tool to add to your toolbox. There are dozens of contests out there for writers of every genre, and dozens of reasons to enter. But today I’m only going to give you the top five.

contest blog

  1. If you’ve been hesitant to put yourself out there, a contest is the perfect way to take the plunge and dip your toes in the water. It’s a practice run on hitting the send button, hopefully making it less scary when you do it for real.
  2. Contests are a great way to get feedback o a grn your writing. A way of learning what is shining through and what you need to work on a bit more before submitting to a publisher.
  3. If you final in a contest, you will have something great to put in your query letter to an agent or editor.
  4. Several contests feature agents and editors as final judges. What does mean for you? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s the possibility of getting noticed. I’ve heard several agents and editors mention the requests they’ve made while judging contests. A leap over the slush pile is a big enough reason all on own, wouldn’t you say?
  5. Last, but maybe the most important. It can help you reach word count goals. Even if the contest is based on the first chapter you will be driven to write as much and as fast as possible to finish your book while you’re waiting for the final results. Because what if you are one of those lucky ones who gets a request from it? You want to be ready, right?

So go ahead and jump in with both feet. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and find a contest that suits what you write and at the least dip your toes in the water. What have you got to lose?

Contest blog2

Here’s a terrific website with several contest listings for 2016:

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