Getting (Staying) Organized

Today is Wednesday.  My Toolbox Tuesday edition was due for posting YESTERDAY.  Yes, I’m a day late.

I tend to pride myself on being organized.  My day job almost requires OCD-level organization.  (I work for lawyers.)  You’d think with all the lists and tickler systems I use to keep track of my deadlines, I would have had the Toolbox Tuesday post ready to go on time.

Um, No.  Not this week.

Staying organized and focused is a big deal for one to successfully achieve goals.  Nowadays, I’m in this constant state of information overload, which is only compounded by all the electronic reminders and apps that track my whereabouts.

I think I’ve become numb to the dings and bells and flashing icons telling me that I have 15 minutes before a meeting.  I hardly notice anymore when the Outlook text turns from black to red in the task list.  I just reset it.

All of these tricks and tools are only useful if they work for you and the situation in which you exist.  Routines work for me.  However, I was out of my routine this week due to a business trip.  Sleep has been disrupted. Mealtimes and diet plans out the window.  disorganized-messy-kid-315x205-d512eac1

I’m way off my game, and for whatever reason I’m not bouncing back in the groove.

Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.  Perhaps I’m over committed.  It could be that I’m just having an off day week and I need to regroup.

Whatever the reason, my organizational plan didn’t keep me on task this week.  The online calendar reminders that sync to the smart phone are a nice idea.  For me, anyway, I prefer the old fashioned calendar where you get to cross tasks off the list once complete.  Very cathartic.

What methods do you use to keep yourself organized and on task?  I’d really like to know!

p.s.  Blog Post, done.  Crossing that one off my list!  😉


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Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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1 Response to Getting (Staying) Organized

  1. nikkiweston says:

    Hey Lora,

    I hear you on the overload of alarms and reminders that seem to govern our days, both at home and at work. For me, I get things down on paper, or on a calendar. Once that’s done, I can breathe. Once I can breathe, I can examine said list. Okay, a LOT of stuff is not done, but in those cases I honestly look at the item and wonder ‘will anyone die if it doesn’t (ever EVER) get done?’ I’m not talking lawsuits, I’m talking much smaller potatoes. But it’s those small potatoes that we can kick to the curb that allow us concentrate our time and efforts on completing the bigger tasks, the damn important ones.

    So for me, the crux is listing down stuff that is taking up space in my head, and looking at the list with a ‘do, defer, delegate, delete’ approach 😉


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