Self Talk – Passion and Worth (Plus the Throwdown Challenge Check-In!)


So, how did you read the words in this image?  Did you read just the left side first and then the whole page?  Or did you read the full page right off?

This image is floating around Facebook this week, and it made me question how we really speak to ourselves. Does your inner voice sound like the left side of this text or the whole page?  If you’re being brutally honest – and I am here – more than half the time it’s the left side of the text. Doubts, fear, lack of confidence all get in our way, more often than we realize.

Now, take a step back and read it again and let’s change the perspective.  When you speak to others – mother, sister, child, boss, best friend… – do you use words like those on the whole page or just the left side?

We wouldn’t think of speaking to those we respect, admire and love using just the left side.  So why do we talk to ourselves that way? FYI, that’s a serious question.  I really don’t have an answer.  I’m not a psychotherapist and have never studied the underlying reasons why we do the things we do. I just know that it happens and it puts obstacles between us and our goals.

Guts, determination and confidence come from within, fueled with the words we use about ourselves.  Today’s Throwdown challenge is to use better, more positive and encouraging words to yourself each and every day for a week.  If you journal – write it down.  If you don’t journal – write it down anyway.  This challenge is quite simple in design, but if you do this each and every day, you’ll be amazed at how much your world will change.  We’ll check in next Thursday and see what differences it makes.


Last week Tricia challenged 5 people to push hard for a goal in the last 11 weeks of the year.  We had a four brave souls comment with their own personal challenges and KUDOS to you for putting it out there!  All who posted shared similar plans to lose weight and get healthy.   How’s it going?

My own personal challenge is to drop these stubborn 35-ish lbs so I can get back to running in 2016.  I need these weeks to prepare me for the bigger goal of running a marathon within the next year or two.  I admit I did not do well.  I’m an emotional eater and tend to lose all willpower to eat clean and healthy in times of stress.  The day job was off the hook, my anxiety soared and I binged.  So, I’m back on track now and these last 10 weeks are going to break that cycle!

It’s not too late to challenge yourself!  Whether its meeting a goal of any kind by the year’s end or just improving your self talk, push yourself to be more, do more, give more.  Challenge yourself to a Throwdown.  As the Facebook pic says, ‘You can change the world!”


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4 Responses to Self Talk – Passion and Worth (Plus the Throwdown Challenge Check-In!)

  1. Checking in late! I manage to get my weight down to almost 2 kgs. But weekend was a killer… and I almost busted my goals 😦
    I’m going to keep it up this week no matter how hard it will take (with Nano around)

    Keep it up too girls~~


  2. nikkiweston says:

    Hi friends,

    Good for both of you with your goals, I’m right there with you!!! (see much further below!)

    Lora, I totally agree with that idea of using more positive talk (and meaning it) with oneself. I spent decades talking trash about myself, and it didn’t punish anyone but me, it didn’t improve my life, and I was pretty unhappy for a very long time. Like any habit, it builds until it’s overwhelming. So I turned that around, fought through months of breaking a life-long tirade of abuse on myself, and started to find snippets of change, snatches of positivity, and I struggled to hold on to them.

    There are still plenty of times I talk trash to myself, but I catch them more often than not. For the past few weeks, I’ve been intensifying my visualizing, trying to make time everyday to visualize and praise myself. In time I will be able to make the visualizing stronger, more intense, to really feel the power that I know I have lurking in the shadows, aching to get out, LOL!

    Aha! For the challenge checkin…. dismal is the only word I can use. In week one, I ab-crunched for 4 days, did one walk. In week two, I ab-crunched 0 days, did one walk.

    I blame my printer. I ran out of ink days before taking up the challenge, and when something’s not on my fridge reminding me I have to do it, guess what? I don’t do it. However…. new ink cartridges arrived the day before yesterday, calendar is filled out between now and Christmas, so I will hit the print button and get ‘er up on the fridge door.

    A second ‘however’: the ab-crunches I can do, but my walking schedule of 4 times a week? Out of the park ridiculous. It’s nice and all, but my life won’t allow 4 walks a week until I retire. Which will be never. So let’s get real here and say I will take 2 walks a week of minimum 30 mins. That, I can do.


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  3. Lora Bailey says:

    Yay you! I’ll see your 25 lbs in 10 weeks! Or is that “call,” since I’m not raising the bet…. 😉


  4. Tricia Tyler says:

    Love your post and funny enough exactly what I have been thinking about lately. I try so hard to give positive reinforcement to other folks but admit I don’t with myself a good portion of the time. I’m going to try that for a week and see how it goes. Good Luck to those who do it!

    Also I threw down the challenge last week but totally forgot to tell what I was going to accomplish before Jan. 1st of 2016. Yep it’s those pesky 25 pounds again. I did mange to lose a good amount before wedding but then stress ate my way through the last 3 weeks : ( So yeah I am going to bust those 20 pounds out in the next 10 weeks. That’s 2 1/2 pounds a week. That’s doable right! It better be because that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

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