Throw-down Thursday-Looking for 5?

So, I’m spinning off Lora’s post last week, but I’m ramping up the timeline. As you know every Thursday we attempt to throw out some type of challenge or let you know how Lora and I are challenging ourselves. One of the first challenges I threw down was losing 20 pounds before my son’s wedding. Ok so that might have been a bit unrealistic. In an update on that, I managed to lose 10. Unfortunately I gained 5 of those back before the wedding when stress got the better of me. We all try, and we all fail at times. It is all about getting back on the horse and trying again. Whether it’s losing weight, exercising, getting a rejection for a writing project you submitted, or a million other things I can think of off the top of my head, the key to meeting any challenge is to persevere and not let those step backs derail you from your end game.

I truly believe you can obtain almost anything in life if you are persistent, willing to make adjustments and of course a touch of realism helps in the dream or goal you’re pursuing. Example: you will never be a famous singer if you can’t carry a tune. That would be me for sure! But if music is a passion, make adjustments. Learn to play an instrument or write songs. Because while I believe in reaching for the unattainable, I also realize there are certain things that just cannot be changed in life. The fact that I’m tone deaf is one of them. No I never had any dreams of being a singer, unless you count when I was 7 years old and I thought I could be the next Maria Osmond, I’m just using it as an example.

There are exactly 11 weeks from today until January 1, 2016. Everyone waits until the 1st to make their New Year’s resolutions and I’m not quite sure why that is. Wouldn’t it be great to start and reach at least one goal before then? How sweet would it be to celebrate bringing in the New Year with one of those resolutions already checked off your list? Talk about setting a pattern for 2016! For me I think it would be a great way to say Tricia has pulled on her big girl boots and going to kick ass this next year! How about you?

I’m looking for at least 5 people willing to push and meet a goal of their choosing before January 1st. Be realistic, but challenge yourself. I need at least 5 people willing to check in with their progress on the goal of their choosing. I am working on a few surprises for the next 11 weeks to encourage and reward those meeting their challenges by the New Year. (More to come on that in the coming weeks.) If your goal is anything that can be shown in a before and after picture, be sure to take a before picture.

Big girl boots

Here is a list of popular resolutions and ways to tweak them in order to make them attainable in 11 weeks versus 12 months:

Organization-How many people make resolutions to organize their house? A bunch! – So if you wanted to make this your goal, maybe pick one or two rooms to organize before the 1st. How great would it be to have that head start?

Weight loss-Okay let’s just be honest. This is probably by far the most popular resolution out there. You can tell by all the diet products as the front of the store come the first of the year.- So if you want to lose say 50 pounds next year, Start now and in 11 weeks see if you can lose 10, 15, or if you’re really ready to give it all you’ve got 20. You’ll be on a roll at the first of the year if you start out with part of that challenge already met!

Exercise/Joining a Gym-You’ll notice the first of the year brings a multitude of offers by the local gyms offering reduced membership plans. Why wait? Why not get that head start on becoming the fit new you?

Next week Lora and I will share our goal to meet in time for the New Year and some more inspiration, so please be thinking about yours and working on the courage to join us here and go public with them. Support is everything! (Oh yeah! This is kind of funny. Totally forgot to tell Lora she was doing this. Ha Ha!) Bet she knows now. I expect a call or email any second. Whoops!

Okay folks, these are just a few of the more popular resolutions people make, but there are so many more. Let’s not wait! Let’s pull on our big girl/or boy boots and get to kickin’ some ass now! Grab that courage and join us. Being accountable to someone is one of the best ways to stay on track. There has to be at least 5 people out there brave enough to go on record with their goal and progress!

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19 Responses to Throw-down Thursday-Looking for 5?

  1. Lorena Stone says:

    I love this! No putting these goals off anymore! I need the reminder to become more healthy and am going to do this!


  2. Megan Fenton says:

    I think I’m in love with this challenge, it’s something I need to push myself to lose those extra pounds. Not just lose weight for me, but workout AT LEAST twice a week, I was gonna say three times…but that might be pushing it ha
    I will start my challenge tomorrow and keep you updated, I want to be down 20 lbs and more toned!!! This flabbiness needs to go “meow”.
    FYI I know my spelling and stuff is terrible 😉
    Wish me luck, actually I don’t need luck, I’m doing this shiiiit up

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  3. Lora Bailey says:

    Ha! I knew I was in trouble when I read the first couple lines of the post. Yep – 11 weeks to hit a goal. I already know what mine is, so I won’t wait until next week to reveal. It’s my weight loss goal. I’ve been working my butt off to Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution and following the eating plan pretty close (not perfect, but close). And I dropped about 5 lbs in the 2 weeks – and then I stuck. So my challenge for this Throwdown is to hit my weight loss goal once and for all. I’m going to incorporate more cardio and start building up my foundation for running. After all, I will be running a marathon next year. I prefer to do it without 40 extra lbs.

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  4. I have been trying to shed some weight since last month but was unsuccessful due to on and off cardios and a dreadful word “procrastination”.
    Thanks to your post, you have put me into a better perspective by breaking down my goals into per week basis, so with 11 weeks to go and aiming to lose 5kgs (~11pounds) that’ll be estimated 0.5kg / week.
    To join this do I have to post regularly? Or can I just join in as a supportive group?


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Great to have you aboard. You can post your progress every Thursday or every other Thursday whichever works better for you. I love the idea of everyone posting and supporting each other in whatever way they feel comfortable. I have always found myself to be more successful when in a support group. I also have that dreaded enemy procrastination. Hence my attempt to preempt it and get an early start on at least one New Year’s resolution! Thanks so much for joining us!

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      • Thank you Tricia, looks like we share the same enemy!
        Today I was motivated and started counting calories and did some cardios. I realize cutting down calories intake is very tough, moreover have to do this for 11 weeks, this requires utmost discipline :s And being in a support group does help tremendously because we share same goals towards weight loss~
        I’m logging my progress down on a phone app, perhaps I will summarize it on my blog. Too many ideas but too little time to write~~ 😦


        • Tricia Tyler says:

          That’s great. You sound very motivated and I’m thrilled. I think motivation is key to accomplishing goals.i think Lora uses a phone app. as well. I love the idea of all of us sharing tips on how we’re doing it and our progress! You go girl!

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          • Thank you Tricia, I’m happy to be in this support group, that motivates me!
            The app I’m using is “myfitnesspal”, once you set the target it will help you to calculate your daily calories intake, record meals, exercise etc. Give it a try, it’s quite useful actually.

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  5. nikkiweston says:

    Okay, so I failed on the personal challenge I told you about last time we talked (I believe it was running? Or stomach crunches? Or crunching while running?! Clearly it was something memorable…. ) Anyway, let me be the first of your five Tricia.

    I hereby commit to doing 11 weeks of exercise. Walking and stomach crunches.
    Walks four times a week, Crunches every day.
    Here are the crunch times specifically:
    2 mins for the first week,
    4 mins for the second week,
    6 for the third, 8 for the fourth.
    In week 5, I will shake it up a bit and do 6 mins. Ditto for week 6.
    In weeks 7, 8, and 9, I will do a once-a-week-but-boy-do-I-feel-it-all-week ‘thighs, bums, and tums’ class in a gym down the road, all while doing 6 mins of crunches at home myself.
    Week 10 and 11? Heck, Christmas and New years will be busy, so best I can commit to is 8 mins a day on those weeks!

    I will keep a calendar, and photograph it for Facebook or this blog, every day of crunches gets an X.

    But how to measure progress? For the pre-photo, I am not akin to posting near-naked photos of myself on the internet, and haven’t a clue how to do a belly selfie (now THERE’s a phrase!). Also, I don’t believe the scales are a good indicator of toning. Hmm, this is tricky.

    What isn’t is a calendar. Will print one off tonight and post to Facebook.

    Thanks for the butt-kick friends, we all need one!


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  6. Thank you for the inspiration. Good Luck.


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