Getting Back Up!

Tough as it is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back into the game – we all do it now and again.  It’s part of the bigger picture.  Try something new, stumble a bit and maybe even fall.  Try again.  Eventually we figure it out and make it work.

Important to figuring it out and making it work is Tricia’s throw down challenge from last week.  We hope everyone took a break, made some time for yourself.  Did you just RELAX?

Easier said than done, I’m hearing from folks who didn’t want to comment publicly. It’s not very hard to figure out why, if you really look.  I took some time this week to really look at the pace I set for myself and the schedules those around me keep themselves.

We rush through meals and eat on the go.  We juggle family logistics and doctors appointments with work schedules, errands and household chores. From the time we rise until we fall into bed, thoroughly exhausted, we are double and triple booked!

And, how much do we actually accomplish amidst all this multitasking?  More important, how much of that time is spent toward our bigger picture goals or bucket lists or comfort zone bust quests?

Not a whole lot.

Today’s Thursday Throw Down sounds simple, but it’s really going to be tough.  Between now and next Thursday, take a good hard look at your daily schedule and if you have guts enough, join us as we:

  • Make a list of what chores and errands can be delegated to others, or at least shared.  Reclaim some time for yourself!
  • Identify at least 3 time drags – things like idle internet browsing, TV watching, social media, online games, senseless texting etc.  Replace that time with time spent on activities that add value to your life goals.

Lora:  I’ve been weaning myself off Facebook for a while now, I don’t post much but I’m out there multiple times a day reading posts and following trends.  I’m still addicted to Angry Birds.  Don’t forget time on Pinterest.  Oh, and am I the only one who checks email multiple times an hour? I can easily reclaim at least an hour per day by changing my internet habits.  That’s time I can spend at the piano, snuggling with my dogs, writing a scene in my novel, etc.

Even in snatches of 10-15 minutes here and there, it’s value added to the quality of life.   These little bits of time throughout the day add up to large chunks.

Are you up for this weeks’ Throw Down?


About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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1 Response to Getting Back Up!

  1. Tricia Tyler says:

    Hey, Just want to chime in and say I think this and finding a bit of time to just relax are the hardest challenges so far. I know I’m struggling with the time issue. I try to find ways to cut corners to add more time to my day. I multi-task as much as possible. But the stress is finally catching up to me. So I’m going to take Lora’s advice and really look at what I can do differently. I hope everyone who reads this does the same. I would love to hear how some of you do it. Sometimes another person has an idea that strikes an idea for others.


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