Throw-down Thursday… Counting your Blessings!

Hey Y’all, I’m back with another challenge for you. I challenge you to stop and take a breath. Yes, you read that correctly. Just STOP and take a deep breath. I love the challenges and LOVE having goals. I don’t think life would be nearly as exciting without them. But this week I’m challenging you to stop and look around you. NO, not at the dust that’s screaming at you to hurry up and begin the fall deep cleaning, or at the million other things demanding your attention. Look around you at the blessings in your life. Take a minute, an hour, maybe a day to just appreciate those things.

Having determination to reach out and grab your dreams is a heady, wonderful feeling. But sometimes we can get so focused on wat we’re trying to accomplish. We miss the journey. Miss the many blessings we already have. Take time to smell the roses. Yeah, I know, major cliché’. But you get what I mean right?

Take account of your life and try to find at least three blessings, three things your grateful for, three things that you simply enjoy without it being a major effort to achieve. I bet it won’t take you more than a minute.


  1. I’m grateful for the fact that I absolutely love the girl my son chose to marry and the wedding is right around the corner.
  2. Excited about the fact that Fall is almost upon us and that means bon fires, hot chocolate, and the wonderful smell of crisp autumn air.
  3. Appreciate each and every new person I have met on this incredible writing journey I have begun.

So what did you come up with?

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