Idea Tools – Hey, What If?

Where do ideas come from?  Where do we find inspiration?

Sometimes, every day events and routines can provide fuel for ideas.  More often, however, it’s a break from routine that provides that much needed spark.

How many great story ideas do writers have, anyway?  The answer is simply, COUNTLESS.  We forget more of the ideas than we remember.  And that’s just sad.

Personally, I’d like to say that I safely store every one of my story ideas, but I don’t.  I just – don’t.

I recently read a blog post about a soon-to-be-released add on to Scrivener that will help with mind mapping and idea tracking.  As interested as I am in this new tool, I haven’t yet mastered Scrivener, so I’m not sure I want to invest in yet another piece of software.

Plus, I’m on the go so much, I need something portable.  I tried OneNote, Ever Note and other note-taking apps.  But, nothing seems to really grab my attention enough.

When I finally upgraded to a smartphone, I thought I was going to be golden!  I was going to log all my ideas into the phone and they would be there, at the ready when my inspiration well ran dry.  Yeah, that didn’t happen either.

I’m most lucky to retain an idea when I send a text message or an email to myself or a writing buddy.  I think Tricia’s lost track of the number of times an email from me has started with the words, “Hey, what if….”

Still, I’d like to find a better way to make sense of my little bits of paper, scraps of napkin and random notes that fill a file cabinet. (Yes, I still use pencil and paper!)   And something that can include all those emails and text messages.

As an insanely organized individual with strong OCD tendencies, you’d think I’d have this tool locked and loaded by now!

Hey, what if you gave me some suggestions for idea tracking tools?


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1 Response to Idea Tools – Hey, What If?

  1. Tricia Tyler says:

    Ha Ha! on the emails. Your right I have lost count. I actually took some advice from another author and bought a journal. Not just any journal but one with pockets inside as well as plenty of paper to write down those words. I got it at Barnes and Noble and they have a great selection. So you might be wondering what those pockets are for. Well half the time I forget to take the journal with me. I get my best ideas while driving and I write them down on everything from napkins to receipts. When I get home if I don’t have time to rewrite them at that moment I shove them in those pockets and at least everything is in one place. Try it. I promise you’ll grow to love journals as much as me!


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