Round 3 – Thursday Throwdown

Hey it’s another Thursday Throwdown here at OOOCZ!  Before we throw down another challenge, let’s see how we’ve been doing so far:

  • 100 words a day – check! (Thanks Nikki for that challenge!)
  • 15 miles a week – check!
  • No caffeine (just Lora) – check!
  • No sugar – check!

Plus, Lora and Tricia are both working hard on their exercise routines, and meeting Maria’s weekend activity challenge as well.

We want our challenges to push us closer to our next comfort zone (CZ) bust.  So, what’s next?

Lora:  My diet CZ is going to be pushed big time on Monday when I go back to work.  It’s one thing for me to eat clean and pass up caffeine when I’m home and not stressed out.  My challenge is to keep up the great work I’ve started and not “fall off the wagon” next week.

Still, it’s not enough!  I’m going to throw down myself to finish my NaNoWriMo outline, which will be rough, and email it to Tricia (she’s great at filling plot holes).  What about you, Tricia?

Tricia:  Well I’ve given this some serious thought…. Okay yeah, still thinking. Okay, I’ve been working really hard to finish revisions on the manuscript that received a full request from the agent in NY. I’ve had to step back from it for the last 2 weeks due to a requirement from the day job, and as y’all know my son has a wedding right around the corner.

So, I am challenging myself to finish these revisions before my birthday. You wait and see. I’ll be here on Oct. 1st and I’m going to be able to say I hit the send button!!! Lora you know what that means, LOL.

Lora:  I do know what that means!  Awesome, and power to you girl!  This is a big deal and I know you are already so close, I know you’re going to make it.  I think hitting “send” is going to be the big CZ Bust moment for you.

We’d love to hear what challenges you’ve set for yourself, and don’t be shy to challenge us!


About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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2 Responses to Round 3 – Thursday Throwdown

  1. You are doing so well! I’m totally jealous. I’m doing terribly on my fitness goals. But I will say that last week I went jogging with my dog, he tripped me and I fell to the ground. Skinned knees and elbow. Is this proof jogging is hazardous to my health? Probably not. I need to keep at it, I know.


  2. Tricia Tyler says:

    So proud of you for gearing up for Nano ahead of time. I know you’re going to rock out Nano this year! I will be waiting for an email or call on those plot holes. You know how I love doing it!!!


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