Throw-Down Thursday! Round 2

So, I’m back to check in and hoping everyone who took me up on challenging themselves is leaving that challenge in the dust! I have been so motivated by this and am hoping others are as well. There is something to be said about being held accountable. Not to mention consistency, which Lora talked about last week. So if you’re holding back on committing to a goal before the end of the year, now’s the time to do it. Step up and make you dreams and goals come true for this year. Everyone is great about making resolutions on January 1st. How many actually see them through? I say start now and meet a few and it will give you the confidence to start out at a flat out run with 2016.

Last week Lora challenged me to 15 miles before today. Ha! I am happy to say I met her challenge. Nikki Weston offered an Ab challenge as well as 100 words a day consistently. I accepted her Ab challenge and happy to say…though it has been kicking my butt! I am meeting her challenge and much happier for it. Big fat thanks to Nikki for that!

Last week I accepted the writing challenge on Lora’s behalf and I’m hoping she’s going to check in with some great news. So… Lora, how’s that 100 word challenge coming along for you?

Lora: I killed your 100 words a day! I am now almost 100% caffeine free, one more day and I should be free of the headaches.

Tricia: So I’ve only managed to lose 5 of the 20 pounds I’m working on for my son’s wedding. It’s in 4 weeks. YIKES! Looks like I need to ramp things up. Think T25 or Zumba so far. Anyone have an opinion on either of these?

Lora: I am hitting up Jillian Michaels Body Revolution next. One more day and I will claim caffeine free at 100%. I’m essentially sugar free too. The headaches haven’t been fun, but it is for better health.

Tricia: Way to go Lora! I am so impressed. I am up for a lot of challenges but giving up my coffee ain’t ever gonna be one of them. But I am so proud of you for meeting that goal and hitting the 100 words a day as well. You rock!

Love to hear how Maria and Nikki are doing with their challenges, and anyone else who has a goal to meet and just wants support or accountability.

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2 Responses to Throw-Down Thursday! Round 2

  1. Tricia Tyler says:

    T25 it is! I want something that’s going to kick my butt and get this moving faster! Thanks Lora : )


  2. Lora Bailey says:

    I tried Zumba about a year ago and I absolutely cannot follow Latin dance moves. The Cha-Cha just trips me up every time. I like working out in the privacy of my own basement or running on the track by myself. The T25 intrigues me. If you want to have a great shot at being slim and comfy at the wedding, I vote T25 for you. I have Insanity, but I wasn’t ready for all the jump moves – it just killed my knees – but I so badly wanted to do the whole workout. Shaun T is on my list for the winter!


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