Toolbox Tuesday – Fitness Trackers

We are dedicating Tuesdays to chat about skills or equipment that will help us achieve more ComfortZone (“CZ”) Busts.  Today, our topic is about fitness trackers.

I have a love/hate relationship with mine. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t lie, when worn properly of course.  My biggest beef is when it’s 9 pm and I’m still about 1,000 steps short of my daily goal. So, there I am jogging up and down the basement steps or begging the dogs to go for another walk in a rainstorm.   Husband just gives me the “look.”

My tracker is a FitBit One and I just started synching it with MyFitnessPal, which is what I used before having a device.  I much prefer its interface for tracking food and exercise. But, now that I am starting to amass all this data, I’m wondering how this will come together when I start marathon training in the fall.  I like to use Runtastic to track my runs – but that was before I tracked steps on FitBit.

I’m also still old school (and old) enough to remember for the days when a notebook and pencil did the job.  Something very cathartic about writing daily stats in a journal and doing the math.  I wonder sometimes if we are tracking too much data and if it’s even worth it.  All the trackers and apps in the world aren’t going to move my ample behind off the computer chair or say “no” to the cookies and candy.

Yet, for now anyway, the tools help me stay engaged and targeted, because I know the proof will be there to stare me in the face the next time I check the app without me having to enter all that much information. And, I love how motivational it is can be to look back at the end of a week and see how far I went or what my net calorie ratio was.

I can also see when and where I’m not quite on board with the plan, and why. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t get my steps in.  Most of the time tho, it’s been the healthy eating part.

  • Stress? Reach for sugar.
  • Tired? Grab some caffeine and candy.
  • Sad or blue? Mmmm, ice cream will do the trick.
  • Middle of the night insomnia?   Cake, cookies, whatever

Now, if the tracker just ‘knew’ what and when I was eating on its own, then I’d be golden.  It’s still up to me to choose clean healthy foods and being truthful about what I record in the app.  Watching the numbers seems to be working for me.

What are your favorite fitness tracking tools?


About Lora Bailey

Pianist, runner, author, yogi, wife and dog-mommy
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3 Responses to Toolbox Tuesday – Fitness Trackers

  1. nikkiweston says:

    Gee Lori, I haven’t heard of many of those apps, but they sound amazing! I too wonder about the things around us that amass data and supposedly help us reach our goal. Kind of reminds me of the time I spent 400 quid on a correspondence course on writing. It arrived, and well, it was rock-bottom writing 101 fundamentals, and I was like, if I know more about writing a book that this course does, then surely I should write the damn thing?!

    Still, when it comes to fitness I do loves me gadgets and me apps. I got the ‘Active’ Couch to 5k app back in April, it was brilliant. Simple to use, and I bought the 10k and half-marathon apps while I was at it. Cheap at under 10 dollars. In the past, husband bought me a very impressive looking ForeRunner watch, but honestly trying to run with half a computer server strapped to my wrist was never going to work LOL.

    Heard great things about the FitBit! For now, I will stick with my Active apps, the oul knee isn’t right yet. Might pull out my Chi Running book and see if there’s anything I can do to help myself and get moving again, my back is sore nearly all the time from my complete inactivity!


  2. Tricia Tyler says:

    I find myself laughing about your comment now if the tracker actually new when and what you’re eating you’d be golden! HA! Too funny. Actually reading this really makes me want to get another Fitbit. I miss mine and I don’t care who you are if you actually see how little you’re doing, you do more!


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