CZ bust- busting the bad and living the dream.

Today I’m back with a wrap up of my experience at the Romance Writers of America Conference in NY. Let me tell you, Thursday was a game changer for sure. I have a new room all to myself. The Daphne award ceremony is scheduled for that evening, as well as the pre-celebration of Death by Chocolate! I’m so excited, things are really looking up

First my friends and I are off to dinner as we are starving. Time Square has some fantastic restaurants close by, thank goodness as Brenda Davis, Nikki Weston and I were running a wee bit late at that point with all the workshops and interruptions of the day. We grabbed a delicious dinner at the Olive Garden and thanks to the staff there it was quick. But still turned into a mad rush to get ready for the Daphne’s.

So we’re off to the Daphne’s where both Brenda and I are Finalists’ wahoo! Lucky for us, in different categories’. Can I just say The Kiss of Death suspense writers group sure know to celebrate. You should have seen the table filled with chocolate decadence. You would have if I hadn’t been to nervous to think about taking a picture of the tasty desserts. But the first thing I notice walking into the room was the stage set up along one wall. I’m envisioning another possible CZ bust in the near future. But I’m still trying to convince myself, maybe only the winners in the categories’ have to get up there.

My hope is short lived when as soon as the awards ceremony start, I realize all the finalists have to get up on stage when their category comes up. Definitely another CZ bust in the making. Nerves aside, I was thrilled for Brenda when she won second in her category! Huge shout out to Brenda Davis on her triumph!

Of course, my category of single title romantic suspense is right around corner and my nerves are beginning to shoot through the roof. Believe it or not, I only tried to escape one time. Thankfully, I had Nikki and Brenda to stop me. Getting up on that stage was hard, but I did it and busted that CZ good. Maybe not forever, but for now. Good thing I stuck around because I won! As in first place wahoo! Yeah, things were definitely on the upswing!

The wonderful silver bookmark plaque KOD provided the winners.

The wonderful silver bookmark plaque KOD provided the winners.

The next day was Friday and pitch appointments with the Editors and Agents attending the conference. I managed to score one with my dream agent Nicole Resciniti from the Seymour agency. Meeting and pitching to her was a high point in the conference for me. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time when she requested my full manuscript ‘Dark Water’.

I have to say the rough start to this conference made the rewards all that much sweeter and the rest of the conference it felt like I was walking on air. It just goes to show, when you grab your courage with both hands and bust some CZ butt, you can come out the other side, not only alive, but conquering more than you ever dreamed of.

I hope everyone is out there busting out of their personal Comfort Zone! I would love to hear some of your plans for kicking CZ butt.

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6 Responses to CZ bust- busting the bad and living the dream.

  1. tracypoole40 says:

    Congrats on the Daphne Win! That’s huge. And congrats on the successful pitches and overcoming the disastrous roommate situations. Gracious! Glad the hotel came through when your intended roommate sure didn’t. You can name a character after her in a book someday and have an overcome story to tell.


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Thank you so much Tracy. I do remember meeting you at the conference and you were so gracious and kind. The management of the Marriott were incredible and took care of everything. The Daphne awards were really made all the sweeter. And I definitely gained some material for a book! I can’t wait to go back!


  2. heatherlybell says:

    I also felt out of my CZ at Nationals. My primary reason for attending this year was craft workshops (Michael Hague was extraordinary) and networking. I accomplished both, even if the one time I was asked for a business card they were all packed up as I was waiting for a cab to leave NTC!


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      Lol I know totally how you feel. I thought I was so prepared when I met the agent for pitch and sure enough I could find one of my cards to give her at the end of our session.


  3. Elsie Davis says:

    It was a blast and yes we definitely blasted out of our comfort zones! A lot of firsts for me but I must say I am noticing…. (with a few big pushes…..actually shoves) I am finally embracing some of my other fears. And guess what? They weren’t so bad as I feared all these years! In fact some of them are becoming downright awesome! I keep thinking….why didn’t I do this sooner! Onward and upward girlfriend!!!! 🙂


    • Tricia Tyler says:

      It was absolutely a blast! Can’t wait to do it again. I think every time you step out of your comfort zone it gets easier the next time. I think the rewards make up for the discomfort of stepping out in the first place. So happy your stepping out! Onward and upward from here!!!


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