Jumping out with both feet! Yikes!!!

Hey, This time it’s Tricia going in the deep end.

Today’s the day! I’m jumping out of my comfort zone, CZ for short, in a major way. I’m heading to New York today (by myself no less) to attend The RWA National Conference. Can I just say YIKES! Yeah, I know it’s in the title, but it deserves to be repeated. But I’m motivated!

I’ve dreamed of doing this for years, even going so far as making reservations two years ago, and then you guessed it– I canceled them. Sad but true. This year I forced myself to get past the point of no return. As in no refund. So, this year I’m doing it!

Now you may be asking yourself why this is a huge CZ buster for me. New York is a great vacation right? Well not really for this small town girl. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I find myself intimidated by a big city like New York. When you add in that I’ll be attending a conference of 3000 people I’ve never met, and I can safely say this is a definite CZ buster.

Oh, and did I mention that another one of my mini CZ busters this year was entering my current manuscript into a contest so I could receive feedback?

Well, I did it! Last minute too. I managed to enter it in the Daphne du Maurier contest. Get this—I FINALED!

Yes that’s right people. Busting those CZ’s can really pay off. I was on a high all day after getting that phone call. Okay not totally true. I was on a high until I realized there would be an awards ceremony in New York. My panic about going in the first place just kicked through the dang roof!!!

Would I have registered to go had I known? To be honest I probably wouldn’t have and that just would have been sad. So I can actually say at this point even with my nerves ready to jump out of my skin, that I’m thrilled to be going and thrilled to be a Daphne finalist!

The truth is…even standing here on the precipice of something so scary for me, there’s a feeling of excitement and freedom in finally jumping in with both feet and finally following my dreams. Who knows, I might just get really good at this CZ buster thing. I hear the theme of the ghostbuster song playing but with CZ buster substituted for ghostbuster.

Anyone else out there ready to bust some CZ butt? We’d love to hear what you’re gonna bust next!


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